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Magic Start Planting Mix

Magic Start Planting Mix

Product code: K8-007

  • £6.49

Miracle-Gro Magic Start Double Action Planting Mix - 15 Litres mixed with water

Magic Start
Double Action Planting Mix
Makes 15L When mixed With Water
Treats 15 Plants

Feeds Plants for 6 Months
Transforms all soil types when planting up.

Feeds all plants :
Smart release feed for 6 months : the unique coating enables the feed to be continuously released when plants are actively growing.
Fast acting Water Soluble plant Food: Starts feeding immediately after planting with a mix of 10 nutrients essential for a great start.

Transforms All soil types:
Makes Clay Soils Lighter: the unique aquacoir fibres create air pockets for the roots to develop and thrive.

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