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Double Sided Tape 48mm x 10M

Product code: C8-010

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Double Sided Tape Heavy Duty Carpet Adhesive Sticky Tape Multi Purpose 48mm 10M

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Double sided tape 48mm x 10M

151 Adhesives Double Sided Tape is a high tack tape designed for long term bonding purposes around your home. It is perfect for many crafts, DIY projects and for securing pictures, signs and other display projects.

Double sided tape is coated with adhesive on both sides which allows the joining of items back-to-back. Perfect for securing signs, embellishments, card, paper, fabrics and other decorative trims.

This roll of ready to use double sided tape measures 4.8cm in width and 10M in length, is easy to apply and perfect for your everyday needs. Not designed for industrial use.

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