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Hand Torch 200 Lumens

Product code: D5A-025

  • £6.99

Core LED Hand Torch Portable 50M Torch Light Bright 200 Lumen Battery Operated

Core Lighting Hand Torch 200 Lumens.

This hand torch with side focus is a compact and powerful lighting tool designed for versatility and durability. With a powerful output of 200 lumens, this hand torch provides a bright and focused beam of light. The high lumen rating ensures visibility in various situations.

The addition of side focus functionality allows you to adjust the beam angle or focus of the light, providing versatility for different tasks and environments. The torch has a light range of 50 meters, making it suitable for a variety of applications, including outdoor activities, camping, hiking, or navigating dark spaces. It also features three light modes, allowing you to choose the brightness level based on your needs. Modes include high, low and flashing settings.

The hand torch has a run time of 3 hours, offering sufficient lighting for extended use. Battery operated with 3 x AAA batteries, providing a convenient and easily replaceable power source. It's important to note that the batteries are not included, and users need to purchase them separately.

The torch is constructed with an aerospace-grade aluminium casing, enhancing its durability and resistance to wear and tear. This material also provides a lightweight yet robust design, making the torch easy to carry. The compact design of the hand torch makes it portable and easy to carry in a pocket, backpack, or tool belt. This portability ensures that you have a reliable light source whenever needed.

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