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Nano Gel Tape

Product code: B10-030

  • £1.29

Clear Nano Gel Tape Strong Double Sided Hard As Nails Adhesive Hanging Tape 1M

Hard As Nails Nano gel tape 3cm x 1m.

Nano gel tape is a very strong and sticky clear tape. This tape succeeds where others fail. It is easy to remove and so easily reusable without leaving any residue. You can simply wash it if it gets dirty and reuse. Rinsing under a tap makes it clean and 100% sticky again.

Nano tape is useful for hanging lightweight items such as pictures and decorative items on smooth walls without punching holes in the wall. It can be easily cut and stretched, and even washed. It uses nano-micro-molecular technology which offers a powerful adhesive quality to whatever it is used on.

It's a popular home tool that can be used on almost any surface and offers a wide variety of uses. It can be used on wood, metal, plastic, glass and other smooth surfaces. It has many uses such as hanging frames, holding rugs in place, tidying cables, tool storage, sticking items to the fridge, holding items in the car, craft and stationery use and much much more.

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