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Demon Car Cleaning Kit

Product code: P014

  • £21.99

Demon Car Cleaning Kit Exteriors Car Valet Foam Shampoo Wheel Shine Type Cleaner

The Demon Gift Pack contains everything you need to clean and shine your car. This kit includes all the Demon essentials to wash, clean and shine your vehicle bodywork, before applying the finishing touches by leaving your wheels shining clean. The kit contains: Demon Foam, Demon Shine, Demon Clean, Demon Wheels, Demon Tyres and an air freshener.

Demon Wheels 1L
Universal wheel cleaner formula is safe to use on any wheels including chrome, plastic, alloys and split rims. The fast acting formula removes baked on brake dust, road grime and oil quickly. Simple spray on action!

Demon Foam 1L
With an amazing cherry fragrance, our patented Demon Snow Foam, generates a dense foam that is easy to set up and use whilst relying only on standard household water pressure. Demon Foam effortlessly lifts dirt and contaminants from the surface and the high performance detergents powerfully remove all traces of traffic film, dirt and grease, leaving a spotless, streak-free and shiny finish.

Demon Shine 1L
Our cherry fragranced top gloss treatment provides a just waxed finish without the hard work! No hard rubbing or polishing, just a mirror finish shine that lasts for weeks. Use on paintwork, wheels and bumpers.

Demon Clean 1L
The unique Multi Purpose Cleaner can be used to clean interior and exterior surfaces of the car. Interior Uses include the dashboard, windows, plastic trim and other hard surfaces. General Exterior Uses include plastic and trim surfaces. The citrus fragranced formula works by effectively removing dirt, grease and grime leaving a pleasant aroma.

Demon Tyres 1L
A silicone free tyre shine for wet look tyres, The easy one step action provides shine and protection that lasts. The no wipe formula leaves a long lasting wet look that seals in shine!

Demon Air freshener
Demon air freshener holds the same, long lasting, sweet smelling cherry fragrance that Demon Shine does, whilst giving you that Wicked Demon look!

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