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1/2 Pint Oil Can

Product code: C6-028

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1/2 Pint Oil Can Small High Pressure Lubricant Can With Long Flexi Nozzle

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Small ½ pint oil can.

The small plastic oil can with a high-pressure trigger is a handy tool designed for precise and controlled oil application. The oil can has a 200ml capacity, making it suitable for holding a moderate amount of oil. This capacity is convenient for tasks that require controlled and measured oil application.

Equipped with a high-pressure trigger, the oil can allows users to dispense oil with precision and control. The high-pressure mechanism is useful for directing oil into specific areas or tight spaces.

The can features a long and flexible nozzle, providing extended reach and access to difficult-to-reach or narrow spaces. This makes it versatile for various applications, such as lubricating machinery, hinges, or small mechanical components.

The small size of the oil can makes it portable and easy to handle. It can be stored in a toolbox or workbench for quick access when needed. Overall dimensions Diameter 6.5cm x Height 12cm. Nozzle length 13cm approx.

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