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Pet Floor Cleaner Concentrate 1L

Product code: L1-016

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Nilaqua Pet Kennel Cleaner Concentrate 1L Floor Stable Hutch Vet Disinfectant

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Nilaqua pets floor cleaner concentrate 1L Lemon fresh.

The amazing eco concentrate floor cleaner has a buffering agent and leaves a pleasant lemon scent; the dilution rate is 1:100 and thus very cost effective. This powerful antibacterial floor cleaner is tested to EN1276 which covers all the major bacteria. However, it is still gentle on paws.

Suitable for all pets including horses, dogs, cats and small animals too, making this cleaner ideal for cleaning areas such as Kennels, Stables, Catteries, hutches, Patio areas, pet cages and many other hard surfaces both indoor and outdoor.

Nilaqua Pet Floor Cleaner is very effective in eliminating all kinds of odour such as pet urine, vomit or faeces. It is an all-round cleaner and urine eliminator. Even with this, Nilaqua's formulation is gentle to your pet's skin, paws. The lemon scent is non-irritating and will leave the place smelling fresh. Nilaqua's range of cleaning products were developed for hospital situations, thus the products are trusted and regularly used in Veterinary Clinics and Kennels.

Nilaqua Pet Odour Eliminator and floor cleaner is very eco friendly. The packaging is made from recyclable materials. It is also cost effective since the ratio for this concentrate is 1:100 so when diluted, this 1 Litre bottle is equivalent to 100 litres of cleaning solution. You will not need a lot of solution to remove stains and odour from your pet's kennel, floor or stable. Just the right amount of solution and it will disinfect and eliminate in an instant.

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