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Lawn Weedkiller

Lawn Weedkiller

Product code: K8-014

  • £11.90

Weedol Verdone Lawn Weedkiller 1 Ltr Treats up to 667m2 - Kills Weeds Not Lawns


This is the new name for Verdone Lawn Weedkiller

Lawn weedkiller.
1 Litre
Treats up to 667m2

Easy Mix Liquid
Kills Weeds Not Lawns

Kills Dandelions, Daises & Clover.
Weedol lawn weedkiller kills many weeds in lawn with one treatment, including the problem weeds such as white clover, black medick, lesser trefoil, daisy, dandelion, plantain and common mouse-ear.
Contains fluroxypyr 10.7 g/l, clopyralid 5.4 g/l and MCPA 53.8 g/l as a micro-emulsion formulation (ME)

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