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10 Snowflake Crackers

Product code: JA3-003

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10 Family Christmas Crackers Traditional Silver Snowflake Dinner Cracker 12 Inch

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Pack Of 10 Silver Snowflake Family Christmas Crackers.

This pack of 10 silver snowflake Christmas Crackers with plastic-free novelty gifts is a sustainable and festive addition to your holiday celebrations. These Christmas crackers feature a sparkling and enchanting silver snowflake theme, creating a magical and wintry atmosphere at your holiday table.

The package includes ten individual Christmas crackers, making it suitable for larger gatherings or parties. Each crackers measuring 12 inches in length. The novelty gifts inside the crackers are consciously selected to be free of plastic, promoting an eco-friendly approach to gift-giving. A colourful hat, motto and snap are also included in each cracker. Each element contributes to the festive and joyous atmosphere.

Christmas crackers are not just about the surprises inside; they also provide entertainment. They are pulled apart with a cracking action, adding an element of surprise and fun to your celebration.

These crackers are suitable for all the family, making them a family-friendly addition to your Christmas festivities. Christmas crackers are known for creating memorable moments and adding a touch of whimsy to your holiday gatherings.

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