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6 Mini Red & White Crackers

Product code: J5-028

  • £4.99

6 Mini Jolly Christmas Crackers Red Glitter Tree Dinner Party Crackers 20.5cm

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Pack of 6 mini red and white Christmas crackers.

This box of six mini crackers is a festive choice for the Christmas season, featuring two cracker designs. The crackers are adorned with a red glitter design, adding a festive and sparkly touch. The red color is a classic choice for Christmas, and the glitter enhances the holiday theme.

These are smaller in size compared to standard crackers, making them suitable for tabletop decorations or smaller gatherings. Each cracker measures 20.5cm x 4cm approximately. A modern colour cracker makes the crackers suitable for any Christmas colour scheme and will look perfect with any Christmas table setting whether it be a small Christmas lunch to a full family Christmas dinner.

While smaller in size, these crackers maintain traditional cracker features. They consist of a central snapping mechanism, a party hat, a joke or trivia, and a small novelty or gift such as a tape dispenser, heart mobile chain, nail clippers, tweezers, holographic notebook, nail file, golf tee, metal puzzle, mini screwdriver set or round dice.

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