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Festive Football Crackers

Product code: B1-008

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6 Finger Football Christmas Crackers Family Games Christmas Crackers 9 Inch

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Pack Of 6 Festive Football Christmas Games Crackers.

This pack of 6 festive football game Christmas Crackers offers a delightful and interactive addition to your Christmas celebrations These Christmas crackers feature a playful and interactive finger football game, providing a fun and competitive activity for your holiday gathering.

One of the unique features of these crackers is the inclusion of a football game. The game adds an interactive and engaging element to your Christmas celebration. It's an enjoyable activity for all ages, bringing family and friends together in the spirit of the season. Just like classic Christmas crackers, these crackers are pulled apart with a cracking action, revealing the contents inside.

This package includes six individual Christmas crackers, making it ideal for family gatherings, parties, or festive dinners. Each 9 inch cracker contains a hat, motto and snap. The box contains a game of family football which includes a football pitch sheet, two goalies and goals, one pom pom and four card football characters.

This pack of fun festive crackers combines the traditional joy of Christmas crackers with an interactive football game, making it a fun and engaging addition to your holiday festivities.

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