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Elf Arrival Balloon Box Set

Product code: L2-030-SET

  • £8.49

Elf Delivery Balloon Box Naughty Elf Arrival Set Helium Balloon & Elf Im Back!

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Elf Arrival Balloon Box with Naughty Elf & Foil Balloon.

Help bring Christmas to life with this Elf Arrival Balloon Box. A magical and creative way to welcome the holiday season and make the arrival of Santa's mischievous little helpers, the elves, a memorable event. This festive package combines the surprise of a balloon reveal with the enchantment of elf-themed decorations.

This 30cm Elf Arrival Balloon Box can become a fun and cherished holiday tradition in your family, signalling the start of the Christmas season and the beginning of elf-related activities and surprises. When the recipient opens the box, this unexpected and delightful reveal is met with wonder and excitement, especially by children eagerly awaiting the arrival of Santa's helpers.

The Elf themed balloon included can be customised to suit your preferences. Enabling you to add a name or personalised message from the elves to make it a unique and cherished experience. The balloon can be inflated with air or helium and inflates to approximately 45cm.

Also included in this cheerful set are 6 adhesive icons which are designed to stick on the outside wall of the box, 6 balloons in red and white for you to add inside the box, as well as a red naughty little elf. (As shown sat on the box and in the third image). Other decorative items such as shredded foil/paper are not included. For illustration purposes only.

In summary, an Elf Arrival Balloon Box is a whimsical and enchanting way to kick off the holiday season and create magical memories for children and adults alike. It combines surprise, decoration, and the spirit of Christmas in a delightful package that adds an extra dose of joy and wonder to your holiday celebrations.

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