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2 x Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Product code: F4-007-2PK

  • £2.49

2 Powerball Toilet Bowl Cleaner Rim Blocks Fresh Lemon & Fresh Pine Freshener

Set of 2 Powerball toilet cleaner & freshener. Lemon & Pine fresh.

This set of two 5 ball powerball toilet bowl rim cleaner in Lemon Fresh and Pine Fresh Fragrances is a cleaning product designed to keep your toilet clean and fresh. This Powerball cleaner comes in two refreshing fragrances: lemon fresh and pine fresh. These scents add a pleasant and clean aroma to your bathroom after each use.

This Powerball toilet cleaner features a clip-on design, which allows it to be easily attached to the rim of the toilet bowl. The clip securely holds the cleaning product in place. The Powerball's design ensures thorough and efficient cleaning. As water flows through the clip-on cleaner, the balls will dissolve and freshen as the water flows over them.

In addition to cleaning, this product simultaneously freshens the toilet bowl. The dual fragrances not only mask unpleasant odours but also help eliminate them, leaving your bathroom smelling clean. With each flush, the clip-on cleaner releases cleaning agents and fragrances into the toilet bowl, providing continuous cleaning and freshness over an extended period.

This product offers a hygienic and hands-free solution for toilet cleaning. It reduces the need for frequent manual scrubbing and ensures that the toilet bowl remains clean and fresh between regular cleanings.

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