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3 Dish Brushes

Product code: J5-027

  • £1.49

Washing Up Dish Brushes Pot Brush Nylon Strong Bristle Scrubbing Brush Pack Of 3

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Duzzit pack of 3 dish brushes.

A durable washing up dish brush is an essential addition to the kitchen. If you don't have a regular or portable dishwasher or just need to wash pots and pans by hand, this pack of 3 dish brushes can help you get the job done#without damaging your dishes or your hands.

Dish brushes are a more hygienic option for cleaning dishes than sponges. They can be used for sanitary cleaning, or they can be used to clean food, such as vegetables, fruit, mushrooms, or shellfish as well as cleaning pots and pans.

Each brush measures L 22.5cm x 3.5cm at the widest points and features a hole in the handle enabling you to hang the brush up. The best way to store your brush is either hang upright in a dry cup or holder or hanging it. This will help keep your dish brush dry and mold-free.

Colour of brushes may vary from image shown and will be supplied at random.

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