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Elbow Grease Cleaning Paste 350g

Product code: H8-006

  • £1.29

Elbow Grease Cleaning Paste All Purpose Degreaser Tough Cleaner Lemon 350g

Elbow grease cleaning paste 350g

Elbow grease cleaning paste can be used on a wide range of surfaces including sinks, cooker top, baking trays, barbeques and grills. It can also be used in ovens, bathrooms, on tiles, glass, outdoor furniture, discolouration and removing rust from metal surfaces.

The paste cuts through grease and grime and can even be used for degreasing bike chains, removing pen marks from hard surfaces, iron plate cleaning, radiator cleaning, removing limescale from shower heads and taps, cleaning skirting boards, fabrics, carpets and painted walls.

The ultimate power degreasing properties of this cleaner make it the only cleaner you will ever need. The uses are endless! Not only can it be used around your home, but it is safe to use on boats, caravans, engines and alloy wheels too.

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