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Grannys Borax Substitute 500g

Product code: K14-014

  • £1.69

Borax Substitute All Purpose Cleaner Laundry Additive Water Softener Powder 500g

Granny's Borax substitute laundry and multipurpose cleaner 500g.

Granny's Borax substitute laundry and multipurpose cleaner us idea for many cleaning jobs around the home. It is an ideal cleaner for degreasing, laundry and water softening.

The powder can be used as a laundry additive or as a pre wash soak which can help produce cleaner clothes. It is particularly useful in hard water areas where it can also help to reduce limescale build up.

Borax substitute can be used as a stain wash treatment by dissolving approximately 150g into a bucket of warm water and use as a prewash stain remove. Leave to soak for a couple of hours and then wash as normal.

For helping with water softening, use the soft water dosage on your detergent and add 25g # 50g of borax to the draw and run your cycle as normal.

For general cleaning, use a warm mild solution approximately 20g to 500ml of water and use around your kitchen on areas such as floor tiles, work tops, hobs and extractor hoods to help eliminate great. Do not use on aluminum!

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