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Interior Dehumidifier 235g

Product code: D3-009

  • £1.00

Interior Dehumidifier Moisture Trap Crystals Damp Control Air Freshener 235g

151 brand Interior dehumidifier.

This handy interior dehumidifier trap is a quick and easy way to help remove damp and improve air quality in and around your home. Featuring a scent which also acts as an air freshener at the same time.

The special crystals inside draw moisture and damp from the surrounding atmosphere trapping it inside the dehumidifier. It is especially useful to dry out small spaces with little air movement, reducing condensation and preventing mould and mildew building up.

The dehumidifier is also ideal for use in wardrobes, cupboards, storage boxes and under sinks where damp is an issue. They can also be used in caravans and boats in winter months when damp is most prevalent.

The 235g trap absorbs up to 3 times its own weight in water lasts between 3 and 6 weeks depending on air condition. Not recommended for use in the bathroom.

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