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Original Wax Polish 500ml

Original Wax Polish 500ml

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Aniquax Original Wax Polish - 500ML

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Antiquax Original Wax Polish 500ml

A Wax Polish of the Highest Quality for All Fine Furniture

The original Antiquax Wax Polish encompasses all the qualities required for the care and attention of your modern and antique furniture. Regular use will give that special care and protection to the wood, augmenting the natural beauty by enhancing the patina and enriching the grain

Anitquax Original Wax Polish is a superlative wax polish blended from the finest beeswax and carnauba wax for use on all fine natural woods and antique pieces of furniture
Antiquax Original Wax Polish penetrates and nourishes wood
It enhances the grain and patina, whilst providing a lasting sheen with dust and fingerprinting resistance.

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