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Giant Red Bow 50cm

Product code: K17-008-RED

  • £4.29

Large Red Glitter Christmas Bow Giant Tree Topper Wreath Bow Decoration 50cm

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Large red glitter bow 50cm.

This giant red plastic Christmas glitter bow is a festive and eye-catching decoration that can add a bold and glamorous touch to your holiday displays. The vibrant red color exudes a classic and festive feel. Red is a traditional Christmas color symbolising warmth, joy, and celebration.

The bow features a glitter finish, adding a sparkling and glamorous touch. Glitter reflects light and enhances the festive atmosphere, making it a visually appealing decoration. With dimensions of 50cm x 36cm approx., this bow is notably large, making it a standout feature in your Christmas decor. Its size allows it to make a statement, whether placed on a door, a large gift, or as a centrepiece in your holiday arrangements.

This giant red glitter bow is versatile and can be used in various settings. It can be affixed to doors, walls, or windows as a bold decoration. IT is also ideal for use with large wreaths, trees or other holiday displays.

While glitter bows can add a touch of glamour, it's important to note that this bow is recommended for indoor or sheltered use only.

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