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Lumbiddle Solar Gonk

Product code: C10-004

  • £17.99

Garden Gonk Solar Light Up Gnome Lumbiddle Gonk Garden Statue Master Of Magic

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Lumbiddle solar garden gonk master if magic.

Deep in the magical forest of tradgard, something stirs# But its not the swaying of the trees, nor the sound of birdsong, it is not the rustling of the leaves, nor the scuttle of insects on the ground.

You see tradgard is no ordinary forest, for it is home to the Gonks, a group of magical garden creatures. Their long beards, and pointed hats, each Gonk is different but all share one common mission in mind, and that#s to protect the earth!

Lumbiddle Gonk, master of magic, is a mysterious garden Gonk who loves to add a magical feel to your garden. He stands holding a magical crystal ball. The solar power feature illuminates the crystal ball with a bright white light.

Lumbiddle stands at approximately 32cm tall, 18.5cm wide and 14cm in depth. Made from a durable hand painted resin, ensuring he is rain and frost proof, adding that magical feel to your garden year after year.

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