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Small Meadow Solar Lantern

Product code: E2-004A

  • £12.99

Wild Meadow Solar Table Lantern Rustic Warm White Decorative Garden Lamp 18cm

Wild Meadow Solar Table Lantern.

This wild meadow rustic solar table lantern light combines rustic charm with modern solar technology to create a delightful outdoor lighting solution. The lantern boasts a charming rustic design, adding a touch of countryside elegance to any outdoor space. Its weathered finish and intricate detailing create a vintage-inspired aesthetic that complements gardens, patios, and outdoor dining areas.

Equipped with a solar panel, the lantern harnesses sunlight during the day to charge its built-in rechargeable AA battery. This eco-friendly feature eliminates the need for external power sources and reduces electricity consumption.

Emitting a warm white glow, the lantern creates a cozy and inviting ambiance once illuminated. The soft, gentle light enhances the atmosphere of outdoor gatherings, dinners, or relaxation sessions. With a 6-hour active light duration, the lantern provides extended illumination throughout the evening and into the night. Its automatic on/off function ensures hassle-free operation, activating the light at dusk and deactivating it at dawn.

Measuring H 18cm x D 14cm, the lantern is compact and portable, making it easy to place on outdoor tables, ledges, or pathways. Its versatile design allows for flexible placement to suit various outdoor settings.

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