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Tree Of Life Wind Chime

Product code: WF2-006A

  • £2.49

Rustic Tree Of Life Windchime Garden Decoration Ornament Bronze Effect 16x45cm

Tree of life wind chime.

Enhance your outdoor space with the serene melodies and beautiful aesthetics of the Bronze Effect Tree of Life Windchime.

The windchime features a symbolic Tree of Life design, crafted in a bronze-effect finish for a rustic and elegant look. The Tree of Life motif symbolizes growth, strength, and interconnectedness, adding a meaningful touch to your garden, patio, or outdoor area.

It includes four hanging chime bars that produce soothing sounds when gently swayed by the breeze, creating a calming and peaceful atmosphere in your outdoor space. These natural sounds add a tranquil ambiance to your outdoor environment, perfect for relaxation, meditation, or simply enjoying nature's music.

A hanging loop is included, allowing you to easily hang it from a tree branch, pergola, porch, or any suitable outdoor hook. Its compact size and lightweight design ensure convenient installation.

The windchime has a height of 45cm (including the hanging loop) and a width of 16cm, making it a visually striking yet space-friendly addition to your garden or balcony.

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