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Dog Memorial Stone

Product code: E5-001-DOG

  • £2.29

Pet Dog Memorial Stone Heart Shape Home Garden Memorial Tribute Plaque 15cm

Heart Shaped Dog Memorial Stone.

The Heart-Shaped Pet Dog Memorial Stone is a touching tribute to commemorate the life and memory of a beloved canine companion. Crafted with care and designed to withstand the elements, this memorial stone serves as a beautiful and lasting memorial in honor of your faithful friend.

The heart-shaped design symbolises the love and bond shared between you and your cherished pet. It serves as a poignant reminder of the special connection you shared and the love that continues to endure even after your pet has crossed the rainbow bridge.

The memorial stone features an engraved message that pays tribute to your beloved pet, along with two paw prints. These heartfelt words serve as a lasting reminder of the impact your pet had on your life.

The compact size and lightweight construction of the memorial stone allow for versatile placement options. Whether nestled among flowers in a garden bed, displayed on a patio or deck, or positioned near your pet's favorite resting spot, it serves as a comforting and serene tribute that honors your pet's memory. 15.5cm x 15cm x 6cm Approx.

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