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Roast Knuckle Bone

Product code: C3-020

  • £1.49

Munch & Crunch Whole Roast Knuckle Bone Dog Treat 100% Beef Bone Large Bone

Munch & Crunch Roast Knuckle Bone

Give your furry friend the ultimate treat with the Munch & Crunch Roast Knuckle Bone. Made with quality ingredients and packed with flavour, this knuckle bone is sure to keep your dog entertained and satisfied for hours on end.

The knuckle bone is slowly roasted to enhance its flavour and aroma, making it irresistibly delicious to your canine companion. The roasting process also helps to lock in the natural juices, ensuring a moist and flavourful chewing experience.

With its robust size and durable texture, this knuckle bone is perfect for aggressive chewers and large breeds. It offers long-lasting entertainment, keeping your dog occupied and engaged while promoting healthy chewing habits.

Chewing on the knuckle bone helps to remove plaque and tartar buildup from your dog's teeth, promoting better oral hygiene and fresher breath. It also provides a stimulating jaw workout, strengthening your dog's jaw muscles and reducing boredom-related behaviours.

Composition # 100% Beef bone.
Crude protein 29%
Crude Oils and fat 42%
Crude ash 30%
Crude Fibre 1%

Use as a treat only. Should not replace meals.

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