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2 Shaver Plugs

Product code: B8-001-2PK

  • £3.29

2 Shaver Plug Adapter 2 Pin To UK 3 Pin Power Converter Electric Toothbrush Plug

2 x 3 Pin UK adaptor plug.

The 3 Pin UK 1 Amp Shaver Adaptor Plug is a specific type of electrical adaptor designed for low-power devices such as electric shavers, trimmers, toothbrushes, and similar gadgets.

The adaptor plug is designed to fit standard UK 3-pin sockets commonly found in bathrooms and shaving areas. It has a compact and lightweight design. It allows you to plug in devices with 2-pin plugs, used in shavers and small appliances, into standard UK 3-pin power outlets.

The adaptor is built to handle the voltage and current requirements of shavers and similar devices, operating at low voltages and currents to ensure safety during use.

Using the adaptor plug is simple # you plug it into the wall socket, and then you can plug your shaver or other compatible device into the adaptor. Compact and travel-friendly tp, making them convenient for use at home and during travel or trips abroad where different socket types may be present.

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