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SupaWarm Deluxe Halogen Heater

Product code: P034M

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Oscillating Halogen Heater Energy Saving Portable Electric Slimline Heater 1200W

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SupaWarm 1200W deluxe oscilating halogen heater. This slimline halogen heater is a great safe and energy saving heater to help you keep warm and cozy through the colder months. The slimline design doesn#t take up too much space and is easy to store away when not in use. Size: 300mm(w) x 300mm(d) x 705mm(h).
This modern heater features a 1.3M lead cable and 3 heat functions, 400/800/1200W. It also features an oscilating function to help distribute the heat more evenly around the room. Also featured is a safe and reliable anti tilt cut out so you can be sure it is a safe heating method to use around your home/office. The bulbs are replaceable too.
Overall halogen heaters tend to be the cheapest radiant heaters as they have a low power rating (but also produce less heat), while oil-filled radiators are often the cheapest convector heater because there is a thermostat to control the temperature. The benefit is they are not as soon as you turn them on, so they are #Instant On: Instant Heat#
Energy saving # halogen heaters provide heat almost instantly and the radiant heat released by the heaters effectively heats a small area, and this greatly reduces the amount of energy the heaters consume. Environmentally friendly # halogen lamps do not release smoke so there are no carbon monoxide emissions released from the heaters.
Safety #the halogen lamps themselves do not actually heat up so they are considered safe in most environments. Easy installation # many halogen heaters are easier to install than many alternate heating methods.

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