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30 Cabbage Collars

Product code: B6A-029

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Vitax 30 Biodegradable Cabbage Collars Protect From Cabbage Rootfly Weed Control

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Cabbage Collars
8cm Approx
Protects cabbages and brassicas from cabbage root fly
Simple,efficient and non-chemical
Cabbage Root Fly are a serious threat for brassicas such as cabbage, cauliflower, brussels sprouts and broccoli, weakening the plants and reducing the strength of the crop.
Cabbage Collars prevent the adult fly laying eggs at the base of the plant preventing the creation of maggots. It is the presence of maggots which cause the damage as they burrow into the stem and roots to eat.
By placing a Cabbage Collar around the root, the adult fly is unable to lay eggs warding off an infestation.
Cabbage Collars are easy-to-use. Once planting has taken place, slide the collar around the stem. As the stem thickens, the Cabbage Collar will open to prevent restricted growth.
Suitable for environmentally-conscious gardeners, each pack contains around 30 collars.

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