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Block Blitz Paving Cleaner 760g

Product code: G11-007A

  • £7.99

Eco Block Paving Patio Decking Cleaner Block Blitz Original 760g 2 Pouches 30m2

Block Blitz Original Eco Cleaner 760g

Block Blitz Original Eco Cleaner is the low cost, efficient and environmentally friendly way to clean and protect your block paving, patio, concrete, tarmac, decking and more.

Initially developed to clean and protect block paved surfaces which are notoriously difficult to keep clean, our original product was first launched in the domestic retail sector and quickly became the UK#s best-selling block paving treatment. It is super powerful and has been reformulated to clean an array of outdoor surfaces.

Compatible with concrete, block paving, stone, tarmac, resin, decking, gravel, decorative aggregates, rubber surfaces, artificial grass. Removes: dirt, grime, black spots/white spots and stains. Deters: Up to 99% of organic growth e.g weeds, moss, algae, fungus and lichens.

Use twice a year and you will never have to scrub or pressure wash your surfaces ever again. Regular treatment will deter up to 90% weed growth and 99% moss growth. Use Block Blitz Go Weed to spot treat any weeds or moss growth.

To use, simply mix the powder in a watering can, apply and leave. That#s all there is to it.

Formulated and manufactured in the UK, Block Blitz powdered products are based on a powerful mineral and plant based formula. They#re 100% biodegradable, non-abrasive and contains no bleach, acids or biocides.

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