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Bug Clear Insect Glue Band

Product code: B0-014

  • £7.79

Bug Clear Organic Insect Glue Band Barrier Tape Trap Protects Fruit Trees 5M

Bug Clear Organic Insect Glue Band Barrier.

Ideal for fruit trees, this 5M glue barrier will help to protect your trees against winter moths laying eggs. The 5M barrier tape not only gives protection against winter moths, it also protects against vine weevils, caterpillars, aphids, ants and other crawling insects too.

The organic strong and natural barrier is safe to use around pets, children and wildlife giving you confidence and reassurance for safety in and around your garden at the same time as controlling those pesky bugs.

For best results, apply the barrier in autumn/winter months, before adult female moths emerge. The barrier can be reapplied in sprint and summertime to protect from caterpillars, aphids and ants.

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