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Bug Killer Concentrate 100ml

Product code: B8-023A

  • £12.49

Provanto Smart Bug Killer Concentrate 3 In 1 Liquid Insecticide Bug Killer 100ml

Provanto Smart Bug Killer 100ml

Provanto smart bug killer is a fast-acting contact bug killer, as used by professionals, that kills most common insect pests. It provides up to 8 weeks protection from pests on a wide range of ornamental & edible plants in the home & garden.

Smart bug killer concentrate is a synthetic insecticide intended for the control of suckling pests such as aphids, whiteflies and scales, it also works against lily beetles too.

The active ingredient Flupyradifurone is a new folia insecticide belonging to the butanolide chemical class. It kills pests on contact but also worms systemically from inside the plant to control any further attack.

Pests stop feeding after 1-2 hours and efficacy is visible after 1 day.

100ml makes up to 37.5L

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