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Ecofective Slug Stopper 1L

Product code: D1-023A

  • £5.99

Ecofective Slug Stoppa Barrier Plant Spray Pesticide Free Slug Repellent 1L

Slug Stoppa Plant Spray 1L

Slug Stoppa is a spray that creates an invisible barrier onto plants. With this barrier, slugs and snails are deterred from going near the plant leaving it to grow and thrive unharmed. Slug Stoppa is a pesticide-free child & pet safe ready to use spray that also contains nutrients to enhance and promote plant growth.

When sprayed onto plants it gives the plant an ability to withstand slugs or snails whilst ensuring they are all unharmed and that natural predators such as hedgehogs, amphibians and birds are safe to feed in the garden.

As well as being a kinder solution for slugs, Slug Stoppa is easy to use with the ergonomically designed #thumb pump# trigger. The design of the trigger results in a seamless one handed spray functionality that can be utilised when there are the first signs of slug and snail damage in the garden.

It#s best to apply Slug Stoppa in the early morning or late evening, under the leaves and not directly onto the flower. If the spray is used in direct sunlight you risk scorching your plant.

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