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MG Chicken Manure 10kg TUB

Product code: I3-003

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Miracle-Gro Chicken Manure Fertiliser Soil Enricher All Purpose Plant Food 10kg

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Miracle-Gro Chicken Manure Soil Enricher 10kg

Miracle-Gro Chicken Manure Soil Enricher releases nutrients to improve the soil. It encourages strong and healthy growth. It is al all purpose food for use with most plants.

Contains naturally occurring materials which supple 3 main nutrients, Nitrogen, Phosphate and potassium.

Nitrogen quickly encourages strong growth and healthy, rich green foliage and continues to feed for up to 6 weeks. Phosphate slowly & steadily releases to promote vigorous root growth. Potassium promotes flower production and improves ripening of fruit and vegetables.

Coverage 100 sqm

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