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Miracle-Gro Nourish & Protect Plant Food 1kg

Product code: WE2-007

  • £7.49

Miracle-Gro Plant Food Nourish & Protect Slug Snail Repellent In 1 Fruit Veg 1kg

Miracle-Gro Nourish & Protect flowers, fruit & vegetable plant food 1kg.

New Miracle-Gro 2 in 1 Nourish & Protect Flowers, Fruit & Veg Plant Food is a duel, pesticide free formula combining the feeding action of Miracle-Gro plant food for healthy plants with natural lava rocks as a physical protective barrier against slugs and snails.

Use from March to October. Slugs and snails are most active during warm wet weather in spring and autumn. We recommend using when planting out young plants, protecting young shoots and summer fruits such as strawberries. A second application can be made after 5 weeks if needed. Pour a circle barrier of 2cm width and 0.5cm - 1cm height, around each plant.

New plants: Apply barrier around each plant when planting vegetables, fruits or ornamental plants.
Existing plants: For perennials and bulbs/tubers, apply a circular barrier when the shoots appear. For existing plants, check for presence of slugs under leaves, bark or stones before applying the barrier.
Vegetables: salads especially green salads, herbs like basil, parsley or dill, all cabbage plants, spinach, celery, courgette, pepper.
Flowering annuals: marigolds, petunias, zinnia.
Perennials, bulbs and tubers: delphinium, aster, dahlia, lupins, hosta.
Fruit bearing crops: strawberries.

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