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Miracle Gro Rose & Shrub 750g

Product code: G14-030

  • £4.79

Miracle-Gro Rose & Shrub Plant Food Fertiliser Granules Magnesium Nutrients 750g

Miracle Gro Rose & Shrub plant food granules pouch 750g

Miracle-Gro Rose & Shrub Fast Acting Granules Plant Food is rich in essential nutrients with extra magnesium for healthy growth. Plants will be fed for up to 3 months, producing top quality blooms and greener leaves.

Miracle-Gro Rose & Shrub can be used in different ways: Established roses and shrubs: Evenly scatter 1-2 handfuls of granules around the base of each bush, over the whole rooting area. Lightly work into the soil.

Planting new roses and shrubs: Dig a hole double the size of the root ball and cut back any damaged roots. Insert a supporting stake before planting. Evenly scatter 1 handful over the planting area and lightly work into soil. Position the roots, cover with soil/compost, firm in and water thoroughly.

Planting in containers: Evenly scatter one handful over the planting area and lightly work into the compost. Remove the container and plant into a hole deep the soil ball. Fill in with compost around the roots, firm lightly and water thoroughly.

One handful of granules is approximately 25g. Use around roses and shrubs, whether in beds or borders or pots and containers. NPK 10-7-10 with magnesium.

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