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Neudorff Cat Repellent 500g

Product code: B1-012A

  • £7.49

Neudorff Super Strength Cat Repellent Granules Natural Garlic Ingredient 500g

Super Strength Cat Repellent 500g.

Keep cats away - the natural way.

A repellent containing natural material which masks the territorial markings left by cats. This prevents cats from effectively 'marking' their territory and cats therefore avoid the area in future. The long-lasting odour from Super Strength Cat Repellent drives cats away without causing them any harm and is effective for use in backyards, terraces as well as places where birds are regularly found. The product utilises food grade garlic extract bound in clay based mineral granules to provide an effective remedy against troublesome cats.

Contains 0.5 % w/w garlic extract (granulated).
Made from pure plant based oils encapsulated in clay based mineral granules.
The long lasting odour effectively drives cats away from gardens, patios and areas where birds frequent.
Covers the territorial odours of other cats and makes theanimals avoid the territory to be protected.

Scatter granules evenly over the areas to be protected. After rain areas should be treated again. 500 g is sufficient for approx. 200 m² Period of protection: approx. 3-4 weeks depending on the weather.

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