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No Gnats 3L

Product code: D4-026A

  • £11.69

Lava-Lite No-Gnats Natural House Plant Fungus Gnat Control Child & Pet Safe 3L

No-Gnats fungus gnat control 3 litre.

Get rid of your fungus gnat infestation with NO-GNATS. NO-GNATS offers a simple, 100% natural solution to the eradication of these annoying flies on your houseplants and office plants. By creating a barrier between the soil and the air, NO-GNATS inhibits the ability to lay eggs in the soil and for the fungus gnat larvae to escape, for total fungus gnat control.

It also offers the added benefit of being a pH neutral product that can be used with any household plant variety and its composition increases moisture retention. Choosing NO-GNATS is a sound ecological decision, with no harmful chemicals or pesticides - for natural gnat control.

Protects plant - Creating a barrier at the base of the plant to stop fungus gnats.
Continuous Use - When the product is no longer required, use around other plants or dig into soil.
Any houseplant - Works with all types of house plants and office plants, regardless of size.
Long-term solution - Stops the life cycle of the gnats, so once they are gone, they are gone...forever.
No harmful chemicals or pesticides - Nothing has been added, keeping a natural ph neutral balance.
Permeable - Water and feed can still drain through the soil to the roots as part of a watering regime.

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