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Olive Tree Liquid Feed 1L

Product code: E6-022A

  • £4.99

Vitax Olive Tree Liquid Feed Concentrate Nitrogen Plant Food Seaweed Extract 1L

Vitax Liquid Olive Feed 1L

Liquid olive feed contains essential nutrients with added seaweed extracts for long term healthy growth and dense foliage in both young and established trees. It is suitable for trees planted in pots, in the garden or inside the home.

Vitax Olive Tree Liquid Feed is formulated to provide olive trees with essential nutrients required for their optimal growth and health. The nutrient composition includes a balance of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), and other micronutrients suitable for olive trees.

Olive tree feed is applied by diluting the concentrate in water and then watering the soil around the base of the olive tree. This allows the roots to absorb the nutrients gradually. The fertiliser is best applied during the growing season, which is spring and early summer for many olive trees. Seasonal application ensures that the trees receive the nutrients they need for active growth.

The product comes in a 1-liter bottle, and the packaging includes detailed instructions on proper usage, dilution rates, and application frequency. One 1L bottles makes up to 225L.

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