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Roundup Weedkiller Concentrate 195ml

Product code: K10-027

  • £12.50

Roundup Weedkiller Concentrate Kills Roots On Path Drive Patio Weedkiller 195ml

Roundup weedkiller concentrate 190ml (140ml plus 55ml extra free)

ROUNDUP Optima+ is ideal for treating weeds in difficult areas, such as beds borders, vegetable patches, flower pots and in hedges. Its systemic weedkiller kills the root so weeds don#t come back. 195ml makes up to 10 spray litres.

This easy mix liquid concentrate formulation is approved for use all around the garden, on gravel areas, paths, drives and along fences. It can be used to clean up weedy areas before planting vegetables, flowers, shrubs and to renovate overgrown areas. Apply by using a garden sprayer.

ROUNDUP Optima+ is inactivated on contact with the soil and is then broken down by micro-organisms to allow replanting the following day. Children and pets can play on the treated area once dried.

Perfect for paths, drives, patios and flower beds. Our fast acting formula means you#ll see visible results within 24 to 48 hours, tackling weeds straight to the root to ensure they don#t come back. ROUNDUP Optima+ Concentrate Weedkiller degrades naturally in soil leaving no residue, meaning you can start replanting in just 7 days.

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