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Stay Off Scatter Gel

Product code: K12-022

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Animal Repellent Scatter Gel Effective Cat Dog Fouling Deterrent Training 450g

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Stay Off Scatter Gel 450g

Training pets as to where they can and cannot foul in the garden is difficult, but Stay Off Gel is the perfect training aid to help teach your pet to go to the toilet in a designated area.

The ready-to-use gel can be scattered across areas such as paths, patios, gardens and crops to encourage cats and dogs to use certain areas for toileting activities.
Stay Off Gel releases a strong, perfumed odour to confuse animals# sense of smell. It can be used as a training aid or re-training aid and can be re-applied every five to seven days until fouling habit is broken.

Containing plant oils, it helps direct cats and dogs to designated fouling areas. Sensitive to smells, a dog recognises a #fouling area# by the traces of smells from a previous animal#s visit. Similar habits are also evident in cats.

By scattering Stay Off Gel in #no-go# areas, it will mask the odour of previous visits. Ideal as a toilet training aid, Stay Off Gel is safe to use around children and pets. Always read the label before applying.

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