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Vitax Clematis Feed Pouch 900g

Product code: C1-030

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Vitax Organic Clematis Feed All Purpose Fertiliser Rich In Potassium 900g Pouch

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Vitax clematis feed 900g pouch.

Clematis Fertiliser is a balanced, organic feed which helps to promote the growth and flowering of clematis and other climbing plants such as honeysuckle, passion flower and ivy. Rich in natural nutrients, Clematis Fertiliser will encourage vigorous growth and prolific flowering.

Clematis Fertiliser:
Rich in potassium and natural nutrients.
Ideal for both clematis and other climbing plants. Pelleted.

Clematis should be planted in fertile, humus soil in shade where the roots can be well protected from the sun. To prevent wilt, the plant should be transplanted six inches deeper than the starter pot.

Apply Clematis Fertiliser in March and repeat every three months during the growing season. Clematis Fertiliser should be sprinkled evenly around the base, worked into the soil and then watered thoroughly. Easy to handle and apply, always ensure Clematis Fertiliser does not lodge on leaves and stems.

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