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Vitax Liquid Herb Feed 500ml

Product code: WI2-011

  • £4.29

Vitax Herb Liquid Feed Concentrate Nitrogen Plant Food For Tasty Herbs 500ml

Vitax Liquid herb feed 500ml.

Vitax Liquid Herb Feed is a specialised liquid fertiliser designed to promote the healthy growth of herbs. The feed is formulated with a balanced blend of essential nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, along with trace elements. These nutrients support the development of strong, vibrant herbs.

Being in liquid form, the herb feed is easy to apply and quickly absorbed by the plants. This ensures efficient nutrient uptake, promoting faster and healthier growth. The feed can be applied directly to the soil around the base of the herbs or mixed with water for foliar feeding. This flexibility allows for tailored application based on the specific needs of the herbs.

Suitable for a wide range of herbs, both culinary and medicinal. Whether you are growing basil, mint, rosemary, or other herbs, this feed provides the necessary nutrients for robust and flavourful growth.

The feed can be applied during the growing season to support continuous and healthy herb production. Regular feeding is especially beneficial for herbs grown in containers or confined spaces.

Makes 112.5 Litres # 25 x 4.5 litre watering can fills.

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