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Weedol Rapid 12 Tube

Product code: B5-013A

  • £23.99

Weedol Rapid Weed Killer Liquid Concentrate 12 Tubes Treats 120m2 Weed Control

Weedol# Rapid Weed Control (Concentrate Tubes) 12 Tubes.

Weedol# Rapid Weed Control Concentrate Tubes are a pre-mixed concentrated general purpose weedkiller that can be used all around the garden. This product is ideal for use on weedy flower beds, vegetable patches and all around the garden.

The easy dose concentrated formula makes it convenient for treating large areas and saves plastic. Just snap the tube, add water, mix and spray. Once sprayed, the active ingredient pelargonic acid starts working immediately giving you results in 3 hours and breaks down in soil naturally - leaving the area ready for replanting in just 3 days.

Suitable for use on flower beds, vegetable patches and other permeable areas all around the garden. For the control of weeds around ornamental garden plants, trees, and areas not intended to bear vegetation. Don#t direct or allow spray drift onto cultivated plants or lawns as this product destroys all green plants.

When to use: April November, when weeds are actively growing. For best results apply in calm, dry, warm conditions, usually early spring or summer, when there is no risk of spray drift onto adjacent desirable plants.
Most effective on young weeds less than 10 cm. This product will not provide long term control of perennial weeds.

Don#t apply if risk of frost, as weeds will not be actively growing. Reapply if rain falls within 3 hours. Repeat if necessary after a minimum of 7 days for larger weeds or where regrowth occurs.

Coverage - This pack treats up to 120 m² and each tube treats up to 10 m². Maximum individual dose: 23 mL (1 tube) per 10 m² in 500 mL of water.

Active ingredient - Contains 565.49 g/l Pelargonic acid as an Emulsifiable Concentrate (EC) formulation.

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