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15L Seed Compost Brick

Product code: C3-026A

  • £4.49

Seed Cutting Compost Brick Compact Potting Mix With Perlite Makes 15L Peat Free

Coco & Coir Seed & Cutting Compost Block # Makes 15L Of Compost.

SEED COMPOST WITH PERLITE - Expandable high quality coir compost with added Perlite for plants to thrive. Designed to speed up germination and strong roots.

Nutrient-Rich and pH Balanced: A pH-balanced, nutrient-rich seed mix, Coco Grow Plus is ideal for seeding a wide variety of plants. Add fertilizer or mix with other compost as required.

Balanced Drainage and Water Retention: The loose texture enhanced by perlite enhances aeration, drainage, and insulation. It is a favourite among both beginners and professionals for healthy plant growth and even root development.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly: Coco Grow Plus is 100% natural, eco-friendly, and sustainable. Lightweight and easy to carry, it promotes rapid germination, improved root growth, and enhanced water retention.

Versatile Usage: Perfect for a variety of tasks, including planting seeds, growing young seedlings in pots, setting up hydroponic systems, and more. It is the best option for a variety of gardening requirements due to its versatility.

Remove outer packaging.
Add coir compost block to container.
Add warm water 4-5 litres for 15 litres of compost.
Fluff up with a trowel # and use!

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