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75L All Purpose Compost Brick

Product code: E2-005A

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Coco & Coir Multi Purpose Compost Brick Compact Pot Mix Makes 75L Peat Free Soil

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Coco & Coir Multi Purpose Compost Brick. Makes 75L Of Compost.

INDEPENDENT TRIAL WINNERS - Peat free coir compost independently proven to outperform leading brands of all purpose compost. Increased yield of fruit veg and flowers.

100% NATURAL PEAT FREE COMPOST - Organic and sustainable coconut coir fiber block. Enriched with a high performance NPK fertiliser. Organic, vegan and kind to the environment. A long-lasting peat free compost suitable for all but ericaceous plants.

POTTING COMPOST PERFECTION - The perfect potting compost using the right balance of NPK boost plant growth in tubs, pots and containers outdoor as well as potting soil for plants indoors.

BALANCED NPK NUTRIENTS - Expandable coir compost enriched with an optimal slow release NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) fertiliser.

HIGH YIELD. HIGH PERFORMANCE - Stored dry means nutrients are not released until water is added like traditional all purpose compost. So nutrients are guaranteed to last 6 months and reaches plants when they need it most. Producing incredible results whatever you want to grow.

EASY TO USE - Lightweight, compact and easy to store in cupboards. Ideal for flats and smaller households. This 5kg compact coir block makes an impressive 75L compost. No lifting heavy bags of compost again!

Remove outer packaging.
Add coir compost block to container.
Add warm water 20 litres for 75 litres of compost.
Wait 20 mins approx. Fluff up with a trowel and use!

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