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9L Houseplant Compost Brick

Product code: H8-020A

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Coco & Coir Houseplant Compost Brick Compact Potting Mix Makes 9L Peat Free Soil

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Coco & Coir Houseplant Compost Brick # Makes 9L Of Compost.

HOUSE PLANT COMPOST WITH 6 MONTH NUTRITION : A balance of plant food nutrients designed specifically for healthier houseplants. Coir compost retains nutrients, while ensuring a full 6 month feed, which is only released after the houseplant compost has been expanded and wet.

100% NATURAL PEAT-FREE COCONUT COIR COMPOST : The best peat-free compost material available, coco coir is sustainable, responsibly sourced, organic and natural coconut fibre from coconut husk; a byproduct of the coconut industry.

GREAT WATER RETENTION AND DRAINAGE : Coco fibre absorbs water readily even when completely dry, but its open airy texture allows for free drainage, which helps avoid water-logging. Coir compost naturally helps water regulation to reduce watering without saturation.

HEALTHIER INDOOR PLANTS WITH FORMULATED POTTING SOIL : The combination of NPK and coir leads to naturally greener, glossier leaves and stronger plants in pots, containers and baskets. Suitable for most houseplants and herbs grown indoors.

GUARANTEED FUNGUS FLY FREE : Sciarid flies cannot survive the processing of coco coir compost bricks. Our products will never introduce pests and flies into your home to breed and harm your beautiful plants.

Remove outer packaging.
Add coir compost block to container.
Add warm water 2-3 litres for 9 litres of compost.
Fluff up with a trowel # and use!

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