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Organic Compost Superfood 800g

Product code: C2-025A

  • £5.99

Ecofective Organic Super Food Plant Food Booster For Peat Free Compost 800g

Ecofective Organic superfood for peat free compost 800g

Ecofective Organic Superfood Ideal for Peat-Free Compost is the ideal partner for your compost. Supporting the movement towards a peat-free future, this product is the perfect partner for peat-free compost.

This powdered feed not only boosts compost, but it also feeds plants simultaneously. Packed full of essential nutrients, natural bio-stimulants, magnesium, and organic matter, it can be easily mixed into compost or sprinkled into or on top of the planting area.

6 in 1 Booster for happier, healthier plants, fruit & veg.
Up to 2 x crop yields, and bigger, brighter blooms.
Strengthens the plant to help resist disease attack.
Supports plant during stress conditions i.e. heat, drought and overwatering.
Slow release of nutrients for long lasting support.
Improves water retention.
Improves root development.
With bio-stimulants.
Suitable for organic growing.
Feeds up to 40 plants.

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