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French Oak Chips 30g

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Youngs French Oak Chips Shavings Home Brew Wine Making Oak Additive Red Wine 30g

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Youngs French oak chips 30g

French oak chips/shavings are used sometimes in red wines to give a distinct oak aroma, as if stored in casks. They are simply dispersed into the wine during at the start of fermentation process.

Oak chips may be put directly inside the bulk aging vessel or can be put inside a Infusion Tube to help with quick removal. It is not necessary to sanitise oak chips. Using Oak Chips also aids in the stabilization of color in the finished wine and helps cross link tannins which builds structure in the wine.

This sachet of oak chips is enough to mix 20 litres. It is advised to remove the oak chips with a sieve after 5-7 days.

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