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7 Inch Round Cake Tin

Product code: K7-009

  • £5.49

Wham 7 Inch Loose Bottom Round Cake Tin Deep Non Stick Baking Tin 17.5 x 8.5cm

Wham Essentials 7 Inch loose based cake tin.

This 7 Inch Essentials Loose Bottom Non-Stick Cake Tin is a versatile and essential kitchen tool designed for baking cakes and other sweet or Savory treats. The Essentials Cake Tin features a classic round shape with a removable bottom, which makes it easy to release your baked goods without damaging them.

Constructed from a non-stick coated 0.3 gauge steel designed to distribute heat evenly, resulting in consistent and thorough baking. The non-stick coating on the interior of the tin prevents your baked goods from sticking, making it easier to remove them from the tin and ensuring that the final product retains its shape and appearance. Oven safe to 230 degrees.

The loose bottom design allows you to release the cake by simply pushing it up from the bottom. This feature is particularly useful for delicate or intricate cake designs. In addition to cakes, this tin can be used for making cheesecakes, quiches, tarts, and other baked dishes. The versatile design makes them a staple in any baker's kitchen.

The non-stick coating not only aids in easy release but also makes the tin easy to clean. It can be cleaned with a gentle hand wash or placed in the dishwasher for convenience.

In summary, this Essentials Loose Bottom Non-Stick Cake Tin is an indispensable tool for any home baker. Its classic design, non-stick surface, removable bottom, and generous size make it a versatile and reliable choice for baking a wide range of delicious cakes and other treats.

Internal base diamter 17.5cm x depth 8.5cm approx.

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