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Vitax Gravel 4kg

Product code: L6-012

  • £3.59

Vitax Horticultural Pea Gravel Lime Free Potting Stones Rockery Gravel Small 4kg

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Vitax Lime free washed gravel 4kg (When packed).

Gravel is versatile and great for using in and around the garden. Whether you are planning on using gravel for paths or drives, or a top dressing in pots, Vitex#s Gravel is the perfect accompaniment.

Vitax Gravel:
Works well in water features.
Perfect for paths, driveways or rock gardens.
Makes excellent drainage and top dressing in pots.
Vitax Gravel is a great option for low-maintenance gardens or as part of a feature in a larger garden. Easy to lay, it can be used to fill gaps around the garden or as part of a newly designed garden feature.

Whether you are looking for an alternative to paving stones or something which has less maintenance than grass, Vitax Gravel is the ideal choice. Gardeners looking to make paths and large gravel areas more interesting, can easily plant shrubs and flowers within the gravel for a more appealing look.

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