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Zinc & Castor Oil Nappy Cream

Product code: C0-001

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Nuage Nappy Rash Cream Zinc & Castor Oil Cream Lanolin Free with Vitamin E 200ml

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Nuage Zinc & castor oil cream 200ml.

Nappy rash is usually caused by skin irritation, usually from moisture from your baby's wees or poos, or from the nappy rubbing. It can make babies bottoms sore and inflamed.

Nuage zinc and castor oil cream helps to protect baby#s skin against nappy rash and acts as a barrier against moisture, gently formulated for happy babies.

It is kind and gentle to baby's skin, lanolin free, containing soothing vitamin E which helps to moisturise the skin. Apply sparingly to clean, dry skin as part of the nappy changing routine.

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